Apex Fitness Systems

Using Science to create Superhumans

We have worked with a range of clients aiming for a plethora of goals, from Fat Loss to Muscle Gain to High Level Competition. 

We offer a tailor-made service catering to our clients every need and ensuring their success. Apex offers online, offline and hybrid coaching and we have used all to great success with clients aiming at a range of goals, everything from looking good at the beach to Mixed Martial Arts Competition.

Apex has been a game-changer for me. I never would have thought the results I achieved would be possible! I’ve lost over 70lbs whilst eating foods I love and enjoying my training
— Emma

Apex have been my go to for my fight camps when preparing to fight in the cage or grappling events. They have helped me with everything from Technique to Strength and Conditioning to Nutrition. I cannot recommend them enough
— Mitch

online 1:1 & Group coaching

Online coaching gives you access to Apex Fitness Systems wherever you are in the world. Our highly individualized and customizable programs are designed to take you from where you are now to where you want to be!

When you work with us you will award-winning coaching in nutrition and fitness that is guaranteed to help you achieve your goals - but that’s not all.


As an online client you will gain access to an exclusive online group where you can interact and learn from other members and clients as well as talk directly to your coaches. You will undergo a complete fitness and lifestyle assessment allowing us to get to know you and make sure the program is tailor-made to fit your lifestyle, likes and dislikes.  You will receive email and message support when you need it to ensure you stay on track as well over coming any barriers to your success.

On top of that you will receive multiple Apex exclusive guides making training and nutrition simple and easy to follow, whilst busting myths and helping you achieve your goals. These guides
contain over 100 pages of content and cover everything you need to meet and exceed your targets and in themselves are worth £120.


Group coaching has three intakes per year and work on a specific area of fitness and nutrition. Each cohort undergoes 12 weeks of specialized training and nutrition designed to take them towards a particular goal. We don’t do ‘cookie cutter’ plans, boring food and unachievable training regimes. We use smart, effective and tailored nutrition and training protocols that work with you and your lifestyle. The three intakes specialize on a different area of training and goals.

Offline/In person coaching

Offline or in person coaching is the traditional approach to Nutrition and Fitness Coaching. If you are local or prepared to travel we would be happy to see you in person and work with you 1:1, 2:1 or in a small group scenario. Below is a breakdown of the basic prices and options available but for more details or to arrange a free consultation please contact us here

The combination between the detailed training program, PT and nutrition plan created specifically for me has given continued results. Apex are constantly adapting the program to ensure maximum improvement. Their attention to detail never fails to impress me and keep me very motivated. I’m looking forward to my shirtsleeves getting tighter
— Scott
Apex has been absolutely amazing … Going to check in’s and seeing the weight drop off has been incredible but the most fundamental change is the way Apex coaching has changed my behaviour towards food. Combined with this, training with Apex and seeing the change in my strength and fitness has really pushed me the extra mile.
— Lauren
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