Apex Fitness Systems

Using Science to create Superhumans

We have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people and helped them on their individual fitness journey, Check out some our incredible clients and their achievements below - we hope they serve as both motivation and inspiration at whats possible to achieve.

Emma is an exceptional client and we are incredibly proud of her ongoing progress - having already lost over 70lbs. Emma is a mum of 3, and works hard, she started with Apex as an online client eventually moving to in person training and coaching alongside her online program. She attends classes and trains independently as well as her PT sessions and continues to prove just what you can achieve with hard work and solid coaching.
— Team Apex
We helped Ash lose body fat whilst adding lean muscle bulk to his body. Ash likes to go out, socialise and party but has built in a stud approach to training and nutrition into his lifestyle and we think he’s looking #jacked.
— Team Apex
Coach Leigh not only works for Apex and helps clients with their goals daily, she’s also a Doctor and a Mum. After the birth of her baby girl Eden she made an incredible transformation back to and beyond her previous shape. Leigh followed a steady, sensible and planned approach to post natal training and her results speak for themselves.
— Team Apex
Mike has worked with Apex during and outside of his Fight Camps to improve his strength and conditioning as well as his technical ability. Mike has a very physical job and it was important to structure training correctly around this. Mike has a never say die attitude, a huge work ethic and continues to have success in the Cage, a pleasure to work with.
— Team Apex
Pin works with Apex on improving his submission grappling and the results have been excellent. Pin continues to improve weekly and has become a strong competitor - winning super fights as well as many high level events. We look forward to his continued progression as a Martial Artist and high level competitor.
— Team Apex
Zoe initially worked with Apex on improving her body composition and eventually made the transition to Strong Woman competitor. Under Apex tutelage she achieved some excellent results including second place at the Britain’s Strongest Woman 2016.
— Team Apex
Lizzy is a district nurse and a mum of 3 with a busy lifestyle. Despite several obstacles she made an incredible transformation not only losing weight but gaining muscle and improving her health and fitness along the way.
— Team Apex